East Van Fights Back – Read and Rant

Our Community Our Plan continues to push for increased and democratic citizen involvement in the Grandview Woodland planning process.

The media are listening but, the City Planning Department continues to ignore the real issues raised by OCOP.

In a recent article in the Vancouver Courier newspaper  the reporter referred to our Slice of Democracy contest and noted that while the Citizens Assembly continues on its way, OCOP continues to concerned about the process and is planning its own Town Hall meetings and other outreach projects.


Jak King was recently on Shaw TV and mentioned OCOP in his talk about community planning processes in Vancouver.  Jak has also written about  Bruce Macdonald as a one of Grandviews Living Treasures; we agree.


Finally, Garth Mullins prepared a popular podcast about what is going on in  Grandview Woodlands and gentrification and the planning process, and much more. Have a listen.


We will keep on speaking our truths to the powers that be. Perhaps, they will listen.