Brian Jackson Responds on Townhouses in GW

There has been a fast and furious exchange of emails in relation to Grandview Woodland which began with an article in the Vancouver Sun, complaints from Citizens of Grandview Woodlands and a reply from Brian Jackson, the General Manager, Planning and Development, for the City of Vancouver.

The Vancouver Sun article that started it all is below:

Then, both, Phillip Hill wrote to City Council and the Mayor, with his letter, which is attached. Brian Jackson 140822 Phillip Hill Letter.

OCOP participant, Linda Malek, also joined the discussion with her email Linda Malek Letter to Brian Jackson August 2014.

Which then resulted in the following reply from Brian Jackson Brian Jackson Reply August 2014 in which the closing line is:

“The City is starting fresh with a new expanded work program for the Community Plan and we fully expect there to be substantial changes to what had been proposed a year ago.”

Only time will tell if the City is truly listening to Citizens voices in GW.


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