Next Meeting Tuesday July 8, 7 PM Britannia Family Room and Minutes

The next meeting of OCOP will be on Tuesday July 8 at 7 PM in the Britannia Centre Family Room. Come and join in the discussion.


Minutes (these are in draft form)

1.o Meetings with City Councillors and other meetings

Zool reported again on his lunch meeting with Councillors Geoff Meggs and Andrea Reimer. Councillor Reimer has followed up with Zool to meet to discuss the Emerging Directions document. Zool will keep us informed on this process, if it moves forward. Councillor Meggs is aware of the possibility of a meeting with Councillor Reimer and has left the future direction of the meetings to her.

Garth and Zool have also been approach by Charles Campbell, who will be the report writer for the Citizen’s Assembly. There was some discussion about meeting with him and other similar types of meetings to pursue OCOP’s objectives. It was agreed that Garth and Zool can follow up with Charles Campbell and other similar meetings but with reporting back to the OCOP group.

2.0 Future Information Sessions

Tom Durrie and Zool are trying to arrange an inf0rmation session on the Citizens Assembly and OCOP with seniors in the Cantonese language.


3.0 Citizens Assembly Lottery Cards

There was a vigorous discussion about how to respond to the Lottery Cards sent out by the Citizens Assembly. In general there was agreement that the Citizens Assembly process needed to be discredited for not dealing with many of the foundational issues raised by OCOP and others. A committee was struck to deal with designing and distributing posters and information leaftlets in the neighbourhood. Further discussion was to be held at the next meeting on this topic.

4.0 Next Meeting

Tuesday July 8, 2014

Britannia Family Activities Room.

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